What Sets Us Apart

Patients and families of Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Perryville, Sikeston, and Poplar Bluff enjoy coming to Innovative Orthodontics, where everyone has fun and treatments result in beautiful smiles!

What makes Innovative Orthodontics Unique?

  • Dr. Terry Spence and his welcoming staff provide excellent customer service that exceeds our patients’ expectations. Parents are always welcome to the treatment area with their children so they can chat with Dr. Spence and have any questions answered.
  • Our patients really appreciate our efficiency! Our advanced services ensure faster treatment times without sacrificing quality. We also use our time well, so appointments are brief, which gives you more time to get out and share your smile!
  • At Innovative Orthodontics, we love getting to know our patients! The people who come to see us are also our friends and neighbors. As part of their community, we will provide only the best treatments possible. Dr. Spence develops unique treatment plans for each patient based on his or her specific needs and lifestyle.
  • Patients and families love our convenient services! We have a secure online service that allows you to access patient records and accounts, and schedule appointments within the comfort of your home. We are always here for the care of our patients, and Dr. Spence is on call nights and weekends for emergencies.
  • Our practice is a truly wonderful place to be! We have an upbeat and fun atmosphere with exciting games and activities for all ages. Dr. Spence and his staff are warm, compassionate people who love to see their patients’ excited faces before appointments!
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